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Pigmented Makeup, Luxurious Skincare, and  a brand that believes you should be unapologetically amazing, I mean spread the word ...embrace all beauty , and enjoy the age your in right this moment. Every season, every age, every reason is a good reason to feel beautiful


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About us

Our products are made with, Safe and ECO certified ingredients because we believe in a safe and honest health focus. Manufactured under FDA Certified Good Manufacturing Processes. No animal testing No Parabens, pesticides or petroleum.
The aim of Ellice Darien skincare products is to help real women take charge of their lives and live a happy, healthy one. It is the perfect blend of skincare products to restore your confidence and make you feel all glam again. Our skin care products and Fragrances are focused on providing solution to the common skin problems in the most natural way possible. Thus, we ensure that all our products are free of problematic fillers and chemicals. We strive not only to become a Blue company, with products that have a conscience and believe it is our responsibilities to take care of our bodies, look our best, and show love to the ones around us. Our products will definitely help you radiate inner and outer beauty.  WE ARE YOUR CHOICE - WHY?

With the right ingredients, we are able to improve the overall look of your skin. Further evidence of the uniqueness of our process can be found in our customer feedback. We know that satisfied customers are always eager to shop and buy from us again. In addition to making sure you are happy, we want you to be happy. We invite you to shop with us!.”


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Meet Ellice Darien

Everyone is beautiful, unique and fabulous. Your external appearance reflects your internal confidence and comfort level. You decide how natural you want to be. A healthy balance is maintained between yourself and the world we live in.

I am a Wife, Mother grandmother and a practical Nurse 50+ and Enjoying Everything

Luxurious Skincare

"Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.     

Renee Rouleau

What goddesses are saying

” This line is awesome. The serums are by far, the best I’ve ever used! I’ve used products , and it is simply not my daughters products they're all mine., these are the best. Thanks, Darien, you keep my skin at its best!”

Lisa linkous

Great Cleanser

This facial cleanser is the best thing I’ve been able to find for my sensitive skin. It’s hard to find products that are truly gentle on my sensitive skin. Before using this cleanser I felt like my face had begun to look aged and soaked in toxins. Now it feels and looks so much better. I’m so happy to have had this product recommended to me.

-Tamekia Bell

Body Scrubs

Explore our range of body scrubs that leave your skin renewed and nourished. Buff away dull dry skin w/ our whipped & creamy body scrub that nourishes

Cream Blush

A breakthrough, mistake-proof, liquid-like cream blush that melts into a second skin for the most natural-looking wash of soft-focus color.

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