I Am Entreprenuer

I am a Speaker, I am a, Author,, my current book is called A Mindful Existence and the Owner of Bydarien. We create 1st and 2nd incomes by having women sell  our products and offer coaching and resources  to increase their income and network. Our products are all natural skincare   and we are constantly growing. I am also a nurse and was a corporate trainer and project coordinator, some of the companies that I worked for was Sears, Liz Claiborne, New Horizons and Netlan I went from company to company teaching well paid executives how to sell or to coordinate their training platforms


This is me with Sharvette Mitchell

I Am A Mom

These are my  3 Babies

  • Ivan 25 years old  A Talented Photographer and he has budding Media Production Company Milez high Productions
  • Yaniah 16 years old says she will be a OB-GYN
  • Judea  22 years old a recent widow a mother of a baby with SMA ( Spinal Muscuar Atrophy) she is my hero and is starting school and creates wonderful cakes.

My Grandson Hudson

I am just like you

I don't now what I would do; if I didn't seek help from other fabulous women and family. this road or this journey to entrepreneurship gets very lonely, so I wanted to give resources to women just like us who are  a amazing and love to share their knowledge as well as their ups and downs as a teaching tool.  Join us and let us know who we can help you in this journey

I am a Wife

This Scruffy Individual Is my supportive Husband Christopher he keeps me as grounded as anyone could and my biggest cheerleader, I just can't get him to shape up that beard when I want him to

My Babies at Yaniahs Sweet 16

We are a proud supporter of water.org

At Bydarien we created a culture of Bless, Impact and Receive which simply means Bless everyone make a Positive Impact in someones life and Abundance is what you will Receive,